Success Mindset
This is a life-saver and was written for the entire family. It covers 61 topics and deals with challenges that border on finance, health, relationship, marriage, employment, career and academics. It is an effective tool for resolving problems of anger, sadness, envy, anxiety, stage fright, frustration, disappointment and depression.

The author, Peter Ogudoro
is a Higher Education Access Facilitator, Career Counsellor and leading Public Relations and Crisis Communication Trainer. He is based in the United Kingdom. The amazing help the book provides reflects the author's uncommon achievements as a Scholar, Professional Counsellor, Management Consultant, Human Resources Management Practitioner, Professional Trainer, Public Relations Practitioner, Professional Marketer, Advertising Practitioner, Educationist, Development Communicator,
Innovation Advisor and Inspirational Speaker. The book is truly a life-changer.

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