Learn how to turn the little thing you have in your hands into a great enterprise and wealth generator. Get the skills and the inspiration to give your dreams the wings they lack and fly to the destiny that is exclusively yours. This life-changing programme  will:

Help you identify the real obstacles on your way to vision activation and equip you with the tools for overcoming them, and

Introduce you to the powerful global network you need to pursue your mission with great speed. The platform will give you the opportunity to translate your skills into a global enterprise and fulfilling career. The training will enable you to discover how to convert the challenges you see around you into platforms for uncommon achievements and lead a life of significance.

It will equally help those wishing to earn more while in paid employment thereby making the best out of the two worlds. 

What you will take away from that class will be success you probably did not imagine possible. You will start your business before the class ends (with or without money) if you have not taken off and will find solutions to nagging business challenges including funding if you are already running a business.

Consider sponsoring one fresh graduate for the programme as a gift to the person.The person will learn how to fish and relieve you of the burden of regular allowance.

Resource Person: Peter Ogudoro, a Development Educationist and Career Management Expert. Details of his profile are available here.

Date:              August15-16, 2019

Venue:           96, Talabi Street, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos

Time:             9:00am to 5:00pm

Dress Code:  Smart Casual

Fee:                N40,000 (Forty Thousand naira).

The commercial value for the programme runs into millions of naira. Make the sacrifice to attend. It will mark a turning point in your life. 

To register, pay the relevant fee into First Bank of Nigeria (at any branch in Nigeria) account no. 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants.  Bring your payment slip which will serve as your entrance ticket to the event venue.

Strongly encourage everyone on your network to attend. They will get more than they can imagine from the event.

Sponsor someone to the event and you would have helped the person to learn how to fish. It is particularly recommended for individuals who desire to acquire advanced degrees and skills in the developed world on scholarship and at no cost to their families.

Signing up early is recommended to guarantee yourself a seat. Sign up here even if you would prefer to pay later.

Text your full name, telephone number and email address to 08023249654 immediately after making payment for the event. It is important that your name is what is written on the depositor’s column of the payment slip even when another person makes the payment for you. Call: +2348023249654 if you have any question.


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