IN 2018

You have a chance to ensure that the year 2018 will be extraordinary for you. Admission for professional training in Public Relations is ongoing for the year, 2018. You can be accommodated. The exam is scheduled for July, 2018. 

This means that you have a good chance to get trained for professional practice in Public Relations within the year, 2018. This way, you acquire world-class skills in this field, enhance your market value and employment opportunities or set up a Consultancy Practice of your own.

What the programme will do is to equip you with the skills you need to communicate with individuals and organizations so they can give you the opportunities you need to pursue your dreams and live a life of significance. You can choose to study at great speed under expert supervision and pay a fee you can afford. Following is a summary of the programme:





1.         Membership of The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) which confers professional status on you and helps you fulfill the law that requires you to be in Public Relations practice only if you have a license to do so.

2.         Skill Acquisition for Graduate Employment,

            Dramatic Career Enhancement and Job Security

3.         Full-Time or Part-Time Consultancy Practice

4.         Self Fulfillment.

5.         To join a rich global network of upwardly mobile professionals.

62% scholarship (discount) is available for applicants from low income families.


This is a professional certification programme in Public Relations. Most of the people currently enrolling for the programme are university and Polytechnic graduates and undergraduates who are using the platform to receive professional training in Public Relations and obtain licenses to practice the profession. Their aim is to secure very rewarding jobs and position themselves for higher responsibilities. Some are running their own businesses and are seeking world-class skills that can enable them take advantage of opportunities being thrown up by globalization. The Leader of the faculty for the programme, Peter Ogudoro,PhD is a Development Communication Expert, Career Strategist and Innovative Educationist based in the United Kingdom.

Please read through the entire information provided here so you can have all your questions answered and guarantee that your registration for the programme is easy.

The information provided here answers your questions regarding course content, exam dates, venue for training, what to do if you are outside Lagos, alternative classes you can join, fees including discounts available, and how to make payments and register.

The programme is done on an Accelerated basis (9 intensive classroom days) to meet the needs of graduates of tertiary institutions who need the professional skills and credentials to enhance their career chances. Alternative classes available include 9 days full time, and four weekends-only. Both classes begin on Saturday, April 21, 2018. 

The training  covers areas such as

1. Communication Psychology,

2.Trends Analysis, Public Relations Policy, Planning & Strategy,

3.Branding, 21st Century Marketing  & Advertising,

4.Public Relations Theory & Practice

5. Communicating (and Using the Media) for Dramatic Results.

6.Etiquette and International Business Grooming

7.Public Speaking and Event Management

8.Communicating for Innovation

9.Building Positive Movements

10.Development Communication

The successful completion of the programme will upgrade your academic and professional status. This will protect you against redundancy and provide you the competence world-class employers insist on for employment. Most redundancies result in the sack of workers and a large fraction of the affected workers are those who do not commit to self development and academic and professional enhancement.

Opportunity for Networking-

As in the earlier batches, high profile government and private sector employees who are attracted by the practical nature of the training will be participating; so you will meet people who will give you job if you are seeking employment opportunity or contracts and contacts if you are self employed. With this opportunity, you can now truly live life to the full.

Minimum Qualification for Enrollment - Credit in English Language at Senior School Certificate Examination earned through diligent self effort is required for admission. 

Venue for the Training

4, Talabi Street, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue (Vulcanizer Bus Stop), Ikeja, Lagos


The resource persons are professional Communicators and media practitioners led by Peter Ogudoro,PhD a Development Communication Expert, Innovative Educationist and Career Management Advisor who trained in Communication for Innovation and Development at the Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics of the University of Reading, England and is the Programme Administrator of the Public Relations Accelerated Certification Training (ACT) programme. He is currently based in the United Kingdom where he is researching into how Innovative Education and Development Communication can be used to combat the pervasive poverty on the African continent. He is first from right in the picture below which was taken at the Police Public Relations Officers Training & Conference (Uyo, Nigeria) where he served as the Dean of Faculty for the programme.

He is first from left (seated) in the picture above which captures the Police Public Relations Officers and spokes-persons of the armed forces and other para-military organizations in Nigeria who benefited from the training. Join the next class to benefit from the amazing job he does as a world-class Public Relations Trainer and Consultant. For details of Peter Ogudoro's profile, click here.


-People practicing PR without license

-Licensed Public Relations Practitioners wishing to keep abreast with the latest thinking in the Marketing and Development Communication industry

-Marketing Communication graduates who trained outside Nigeria (e.g. Europe and USA) but wish to contextualize the knowledge and skills they have for accelerated rise in the industry

-Professionals in other fields (e.g. Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, Architects, Stock Brokers, and Estate Agents) wishing to learn how to promote their businesses for increased revenue, and career growth.

-Women returning to work after taking time off to nurse babies

-Undergraduates preparing for super careers and desiring to take precautions against industrial actions by lecturers

-Workers preparing for self employment

-Graduates preparing for top corporate jobs 

-People wishing to reduce cost of further education without compromising quality and speed

-People wishing to study abroad

-Parents and spouses wishing to acquire excellent parenting and relationship management skills

-People living with degenerative diseases who want permanent and cost effective solutions to them

-Public Servants who are preparing for career shift/lift

-Special/Personal Assistants to top government functionaries

-People wishing to upgrade their knowledge of the world and business

-Religious leaders (e.g. Pastors) desiring to meet stakeholder expectations and grow membership

-People desiring to improve themselves but do not have the time required for regular programmes in the university

-People wishing to join a rich global network for accelerated career rise and business growth

-Individuals wishing to acquire professional skills (e.g. writing, speaking, marketing/business promotion, team building, time management, decision making, entrepreneurship, planning, branding, negotiation, research and relationship management) which universities may not deliver at excellent level

Applicants Outside Lagos

It is a short duration programme (9 days- only 5 week days, the rest being weekend days); so you can do it using only one week of your annual leave if you are working or you apply for study/casual leave. Stay in a low price hotel for the short period or ask a relation or friend in Lagos to accommodate you for the period.

Nursing mothers can keep their babies at a creche very close to the training centre at a cost that is not more than ten thousand naira (N10,000) for the entire duration of the training.

We have this way, ensured that every ambitious person currently living outside Lagos can participate in the programme and take advantage of the huge benefits that come from it. In addition to the credentials you get, you will join a global network of Public Relations professionals who are calling the shots in their niche markets.Participation in the programme will also give you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone which is your present city of residence and discover the wonderful opportunities that are emerging in Lagos, a mega city that currently has an economy that is bigger than the economy of Ghana and still attracting huge investments from all over the world. Call 08023249654 if you have any question on accommodation. Those in nearby states like Ogun and Oyo can come on lecture days if they settle for the weekends-only programme. Select from one of the 'Classes Available' (see below).  The provisions are such that you have been catered for no matter your circumstances.

This effort is a special Accelerated Certification project designed to help university undergraduates and graduates as well as mature non-graduates achieve dramatic career results speedily and efficiently. It offers them the platform to overcome their educational, career, and financial challenges. As someone has observed, about "...85 per cent of what you accomplish in your career and in your personal life will be determined by how well you get your message across to others, and how capable you are of inspiring people to take action on your ideas and recommendations. You can be limited in other areas, lacking education, contacts, and intelligence, but if you can interact effectively with others, and get them to cooperate with you, your future can be unlimited." Public Relations training will provide you this leverage. You can choose to make this investment in yourself now in spite of the seeming obstacles on your way. A better time may never come.


You will be examined in 4 Public Relations based courses- 2 subjects per day meaning that you conclude the exam within two days in July, 2018 which is a special fast track arrangement for  Accelerated Certification Training (ACT) participants. The exam body (BEEC) will charge you N30, 000 for the exam. They will require you to pay that fee one month before your exam date.  Call +2348023249654 if you have any question regarding the exam.

Exam Time Table:- Two Courses per day:

Monday, July 16, 2018 (paper one starts at 9.30am and ends at 12.30pm while paper 2 starts at 2pm and ends at 5pm)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 (paper 3 starts at 9.30am and ends at 12.30pm while paper 4 starts at  2pm and ends at 5pm). Confirm exam dates and the papers for each day on registration.

The result will be released and statements of result collected within one month so that those who want to use it for professional membership and employment as well as further studies can do so in a record time. The training is so practical and stimulating that the average serious minded person passes the exam without stress. All of this has been facilitated by Peter Ogudoro,PhD, a Development Communication expert and Career Strategist who trained at The Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics of The University of Reading, England. He is currently based in the United Kingdom and is researching into how Africa can use Innovative Education and Development Communication to combat the pervasive poverty on the continent. He will be available in Nigeria to personally deliver the programme.  Professional Exams Clinic is providing the training infrastructure. Take advantage of this one-off opportunity and succeed along with your colleagues, relations and friends by spreading the information.








July 16-17, 2018




 July 16-17, 2018

You are to select one of the classes.  Enrolling for one of the classes now will guarantee that you conclude your training within a record time and position yourself well for professional certification, further studies and higher responsibilities in 2018.

The course content is the same for all the classes.

Participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. To pay the lowest fee, register immediately. 

Saturday classes start at 12noon and close at 7pm.

Sunday Lectures start at 12noon and end at 7pm.

weekday classes (Monday to Friday) start at 10am and end at 5pm. 


Employers are to pay two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000) only as compulsory training fee for each participant they are sponsoring. 62% of the tuition(N155,000) for low income earners who are picking up the training bill themselves is being sponsored by Professional Exams Clinic. So they have 62% scholarship (discount) meaning that they are to pay only Ninety five thousand naira (N95,000) for their training. You can buy refreshments and food in the neighbourhood of the training venue in line with your taste. Some participants bring their food from home.


1. Low Income Graduates (including those on NYSC) seeking job opportunities to advance their careers and overcome financial challenges.

2. Undergraduates seeking world-class management and communication skills in preparation for fulfilling jobs and private business both within and outside Nigeria but come from low income homes.

3. Smart JAMB UTME Candidates desiring to study Mass Communication, Marketing, Business Administration and related areas who want to use the professional diploma they will obtain to secure direct university admission or reduce the duration of their undergraduate programmes in order to save time and money.

4. Mothers desiring to return to regular employment after nursing their babies.

5. Those who are physically challenged

6. Those sponsored by orphanages, financially constrained religious organizations and other NGOs

7. Those sponsored by Public Service Welfare Departments

8. People in difficult marriages

9. Parents whose children are not doing well

10. School Administrators and Teachers who want to help more young people and enhance the performance of their schools

11. Journalists who are committed to using the skills they will acquire from the programme to advance society.

If for any reason, you are not able to pay your N95,000 fully latest January 31, 2017 you can choose to pay Two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000) only after January 31, 2018. Call 08023249654 if you have any question regarding tuition fee. We look forward to meeting you and becoming part of your success story.


The training fee is

N95,000 if paid latest January 31, 2018 or

N250,000 if paid after January 31, 2018. Call 08023249654 if you have missed the deadline for the fee applicable to those coming through the scholarship route and this amount is significantly above what you can afford.

The above payment structure applies to all the classes available (see bank account details below). Signing up early is what guarantees you a seat. Sign up here even if you would prefer to pay later but be mindful of the deadline that applies to your preferred amount.

You can pay your fee in installment provided you meet the deadline for the amount you have chosen to pay. Keep all your bank payment slips and exchange them for a receipt on resumption day. Ensure it is your full name that is written on the depositor's column of the bank payment slip even when somebody else makes the payment on your behalf.

For space reservation, text your name, email address, and telephone number to 08023249654 immediately. Alternatively, provide the information here (it takes only one minute and at no cost to you).  The fee structure has been made very convenient to ensure you achieve your goal unhindered. Call 08023249654 if you have any question regarding the payment of your fee.

Details here are correct as at the date they were uploaded but may change if circumstances warrant. Payments made before any increase in price are not affected provided it is a full and not partial payment for the programme you are applying for. We are committed to helping you to benefit from the programme no matter your financial circumstances. If you have any challenges bordering on how to fund your participation in this programme, call 08023249654.

Non low income earners and employer-sponsored individuals who wish to do the programme are to pay the full fee of Two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250, 000.00). It's okay to help your friends and relatives with information regarding this scholarship but they must be people who cannot afford the full fee for the programme. The Scholarship Administrator reserves the right to turn down scholarship requests from non low income earners. Whatever your situation, ensure that financial limitation does not deny you of this opportunity to advance your career. Friends and relatives can assist you to raise the funds you need. Divide the amount you need by N5,000. The figure you get will give you an idea of the number of people you can approach to assist you if you cannot fund the fee from your own salary or business income. It may be a loan which you have to pay back within 6 months. The programme is designed in a way that makes you raise such funds before you are through with it. It is actually self-financing. You only need to take the step of joining the class and the training will open your eyes to all the wonderful opportunities around you which can spin the funds you need.

Postponing skill acquisition until you become financially stable amounts to placing the cart before the horse. It seldom works. It is skill that enhances your value and earning power. Find the courage to advance your career under expert supervision. If you demonstrate your will to pursue a legitimate goal, your eyes will be opened to the way. Applicants are accepted on the basis of first come, first served. If you strongly desire a space, register today for we will not accept participants beyond the capacity we have for the programme. Its world-class standard will not be compromised.


Make all payments into First Bank of Nigeria PLC Account No. 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. The Sort Code is 011151841 if your payment system requires that. You can make payment into the account at any of the bank’s (First Bank of Nigeria PLC) branches in Nigeria. It is important that your name is indicated as the Depositor even when another person makes the payment on your behalf. Payment by electronic transfer is allowed (call 08023249654 immediately after making the transfer so that we can credit it to your name)


Pay your fee into the bank account with the particulars given above immediately to secure your space. You will be given an enrollment form to complete on presentation of your payment slip (when the training starts) if for any reason you could not submit an online form. Six passport photographs and photocopy of your highest academic attainment should be attached to the form you will obtain and complete.

For security reasons, we do not accept cash payments. Call +2348023249654 any day if you have any question. It's okay to keep all your payment slips and present them on the start date for your lectures if on grounds of long distance and job schedule you are not able to present them earlier. You can fill your form on resumption. In that case, text your full name, email address, telephone number, the class you prefer (1, 2, etc- see 'classes available' above), and payment slip number to 08023249654 immediately after making payment in the bank so that a space can be reserved for you and your name put on the class register (eg Amina Funke Eze,, 08023249654, class 1, Payment slip no. 27021965).

You can also choose to fill your form now that you are online in order to have a space reserved for you. To do that, click here.

Summary of Programme

1.Can be used for Direct Membership of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR).

2.Fast University and Professional Education While on the Job

3.Can be Used for Post Graduate Diploma/Master's Degree programme.

4.Only a few Days of full-time or part-time Intensive Training for the Professional Certification Exams.

5.Exams scheduled for 2 days in July, 2018.

6. Result to be released within one month from the date of the exam.

8. Only N95,000 is required as training fee for those benefiting from the scholarship scheme provided they make their payment latest 31/01/2018.

9. A participant coming on the scholarship scheme can choose to pay N250,000 in installment after January 31, 2018 (see details above). Call 08023249654 if you need any help regarding the payment of your tuition fee.

What To Do After Making Payment Into the Bank Account

Text your full name, email address, telephone number, class preferred, and teller number immediately after your payment so that your particulars and payment details will be put on the class register.

Further Question?

Call Professional Exams Clinic on 08023249654 for

any special help.

It's a total experience. Even your kids are welcome some times. The programme blends theory with practice and ensures you take more than certification away. One of the items in the basket the programme will deliver to you is a rich network that includes professionals from diverse fields. Lawyers, Pastors, Marketers, HR and PR practitioners, Broadcasters and other journalists, Advertising Practitioners and other communicators as well as entrepreneurs and key players in government and the corporate world participated in the earlier batches. They came from organizations such as AERO Contractors, OANDO, ECO Bank, Centre Spread, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos State government, Delta State government, ValuCard, Interswitch, Negris, Intels, Nigerian Insurance Commission, NNPC, ICPC, Nigerian Army, Radio Nigeria, STV, ThisDay, The Nation, Superscreen, PHCN, Irua Specialist Hospital, Olabisi Onabajo University Teaching Hospital, Leadership Newspapers, Daily Trust, Ovation International, Hot FM, Abuja, PRMAfrica, BlackHouse Media, Chevron/Texaco, Promasidor, and Federal Ministry of Information. Fresh graduates, postgraduates and soon-to-graduate university and polytechnic students who are preparing for super jobs and self employment also participated. Select one of the classes available and get the amazing experience that ends with an induction ceremony which your family and friends are invited to witness.

Sending your particulars by text message to 08023249654 once you pay for your training is what guarantees you a seat.

For a sample of the comments of those who have gone through the training, click here. To indicate your interest, click here (it takes only one minute).