Accelerated Certification Training in
Public Relations

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Course Description
This is a one week (or three weekend) intensive training programme for focused and upwardly mobile individuals who need to quickly upgrade their skills in Public Relations, Professional Communication and Business Promotion for enhanced Career opportunities and earning and to obtain the prescribed certification for professional practice. A large fraction of the cost has been sponsored by SmartCareers to help youths, graduates, and women seeking opportunities for career enhancement utilize their potentials maximally. Beneficiaries are to pay only a token as commitment fee. Outstanding higher education aspirants, undergraduates and graduates of tertiary institutions seeking financial security and rewarding careers are particularly encouraged to apply. The project is also meant to help organizations that have small training budgets to upgrade their capacity to run globally competitive organizations. 


1.         Membership of The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and similar professional bodies around the world. This confers professional status on you and helps you fulfill the law that requires you to be in Public Relations practice only if you have a license to do so.

2.         Skill Acquisition for Part-Time Undergraduate Employment and Full-Time Graduate Employment           

3.         Full-Time or Part-Time Consultancy Practice

4.         Self Fulfillment.

5.         To join a rich global network of upwardly mobile professionals.

The training  covers areas such as

1. Communication Psychology,

2.Trends Analysis, Public Relations Policy, Planning & Strategy,

3.Branding, Marketing  & Advertising,

4.Public Relations Theory & Practice

5. Communicating (and Using the Media) for Dramatic Results.

6.Etiquette and International Business Grooming

7.Public Speaking and Event Management

8.Communicating for Innovation

9.Building Impactful Organizations and Flourishing Businesses

10.Development Communication

Venue for the Training
Tertiary institutions across Nigeria are hosting the training to enhance the employability of their students. The classes will therefore hold on the campus where you are currently a student. If you are an independent student (not currently studying in a tertiary institution), you will receive your training at AutoPointe QuickFit, 102 Ogunnusi Road, Ojodu-Berger (Ile Epo Bus Stop), Lagos.

Programme Date

February 23 - March 10, 2019 -two intensive weekends- Saturdays (10am-5pm) and Sundays (1pm-7pm).

You will start your training at home using online learning materials and complete it in the classroom during the intensive learning sessions as specified in the above training schedule. You will write the relevant exam during your training.

Programme Fee
The total cost for enrollment form and training is N60,000 if paid latest Monday, February 18, 2019 or N75,000 if paid after Monday, February 18, 2019.  This is a highly sudsidized fee. The regular fee is over N300,000. The scholarship fund that makes this possible closes in March, 2019. Candidates accessing the programme after March 31, 2019 will pay the regular fee.

Call +2348023249654 or 08183208253 if you have any question. You will receive your professional diploma within one month of successfully writing your exam.

Course Facilitators

 Peter Ogudoro who holds a PhD in Education and Development Communication from the University of Reading, England and with over three decades of Management experience is the Lead Facilitator. His detailed profile is available here. Other facilitators include Mack Ogbamosa, Attorney, Media Consultant and Corporate Governance Practitioner, Marvellous Daniel, Image Management Consultant and CEO, Memories, and Guest Presenters from the professional Communication community. To register, click here  or call +2348023249654.


To register, make your payment into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants, the professional trainers administering the programme.


Document your registration here after making payment (it takes only one minute) or call 08023249654 if you do not have access to internet.

 If you have any challenges bordering on how to fund your participation in this programme, call +2348023249654.

You can also choose to fill your form now that you are online in order to have a space reserved for you. To do that, click here.

Further Question?

Call +2348023249654 for any special help.

You will find the training a total experience. Even your kids and friends will be welcome to the cocktail party that will mark the end of your programme.

The programme blends theory with practice and ensures you take more than certification away.
Sending your particulars by text message to +2348023249654 once you pay for your training is what guarantees you a seat. To secure your seat, click here.

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