1. Link to PR Ethics
Click here for PR ethics and read the entire content.
2. Your Assignments
Please ensure you are making progress on the topics you were advised to research on as your PR Diploma exam scheduled for July 18-19 approaches. 
3. Participate in Social Media Discussions
PRNetwork (a group on LinkedIn) and PRLovers (a group on Facebook) were created for you. Please read the materials that are posted on those platforms and add your comments to show you understand the materials. Passive learning does not take people far.

4. Completion of Your Exam Forms
Please do this at 3pm (till 5pm) on Sunday, July 3, 2016. Do remember to make full payment for the balance of your tuition and exam and come with your payment slip,four passport photos and photocopy of your highest academic attainment.  All fees should be paid into First Bank of Nigeria (at any branch in Nigeria) account no. 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants. Finish what you have started. You are likely to miss wonderful opportunities if you fail to write your exam this July. Six months should mean a lot to you at this stage of your career. Go the extra mile and possibly think outside the box. Call +447534026783 if you have any question.
5.Information for Your Friends and Colleagues
We have a class starting November 19, 2016 which will run for 9 days, ending November 27. This class will write their exam in December, 2016. Further information on this is available at They can call 08023249654 for any questions.
6.Send a Friend request to Peter Ogudoro on Facebook ( so you can join his network and get updates that can enhance your career.