1. Several responsibilities of a commercial organization cannot be divorced from its public relations expectations – Discuss.
2. List four of the major publics of a commercial organization and for each describe two public relations means of influencing them.

3. Describe two ways in which public relations can be adopted for marketing support in a commercial organization
4. What do you understand by the term commercial organization and describe three types of such organizations.
5. Explain with appropriate examples the relationship between issues and crisis management. Use your explanation to produce a detailed issues and crisis management plan for Mobil Producing. Apply the plan in managing one Mobil producing crisis.
6. Prepare a detailed plan of action for the following activities of any commercial company of your choice:
• A programme of activities for their 60th Birthday celebration with a budget
• A programme of activities for community relations activities
• A programme of activities for employee relations with a budget
7. Discuss Social Contributions and Social Responsibility in business
8. Actions of individuals and groups within a commercial organization combine to affect its Public Relations – As a Public Relations Director of XYZ Company Limited, prepare a paper on this to be delivered before Senior Managers of your organization.