1. Resumption Date Confirmed
This is a confirmation that our last Accelerated Public Relations Certification Class for the year, 2016 will start at 10am on Saturday, November 19 and run for 9 days, ending on November 19. The first batch completed their training in May. The lead resource person returns to Nigeria in November for your class. Take advantage of his expertise to resolve your financial and career challenges.

2. You Can Pay the Lowest Fee Possible

You are allowed to pay only Seventy Thousand naira (N70,000) for your training if your fee is received latest June 30, 2016.

3. The Last Class for The Year
This is the last class we will have for the year, 2016. The class for 2017 is likely to attract a higher charge. Do your best to join this class to avoid procrastinating on the important goals you want to achieve.

4. Workshop on Funding Will be First Session
The first session on November 19 will be a workshop focusing on reliable ways of funding your vision so you can realize your goals in good time. This means that we will show you convenient ways of paying for this programme and funding your other goals if your cash-flow is low. Your participation in this session is without conditions meaning that you can withdraw from the programme after the session on Funding. 

5. Focus of The Training and Duration
Areas of emphasis during the training include 21st Century Marketing and Advertising, International Networking, Reputation Management, Communication Psychology, Trends Analysis, and Public Relations Policy, Planning & Strategy. The results of the exam which will be conducted in December will be released in February, 2017. This means that you will become globally competitive within a few months from now and with only 9 days of intensive classroom work supervised by a world-class Development Communication practitioner and Innovative Educator. He is currently based in England where he is developing a new model of access to higher education in favour of individuals from disadvantaged families who desire fulfilling careers and financial security.  

6. For Details
Details of the programme are available here. You can call +447534026783 if you would want to discuss any peculiar circumstance with Peter Ogudoro, the Head of our Faculty. Most people who do get the results they want. His about three decades of Development Communication and Manpower Development experience has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

7. Please Sign Up Here (it takes only one minute) or text your
1. name
(in the order of first name, then surname)
2. email address and
3. telephone number to 08023249654 immediately to confirm your participation otherwise you lose the opportunity for a convenient payment arrangement. Please sign up here or text the details required even if you have made complete payment for the programme. This is to guarantee that we have your current contact details for any updates that will make your training a pleasurable experience.

8. Come With Your Friends
It's okay to inform your friends and colleagues of this opportunity so you can succeed together and enhance the richness of your network.

9. Comments of Alumni
Comments of some alumni of the programme who work in diverse industries including Oil & Gas, Media, Food & Beverage, Banking, Insurance, Aviation, Maritime, Academia, Telecommunication, Religion, Power, Hospitality, Police, Military, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations Consultancy, Health, Non Profit, Social Enterprise, and Government are available here. Some of those who participated in our past programmes were undergraduates and Youth Corp members who used the platform to navigate their way into gainful paid or self-employment 

10. Training Venue
3 Tonade Street (Ipodo), Ikeja, Lagos- this location is off Bank Anthony Way and is near Olowu Street. It is quite easy to locate. Most shop keepers in Ikeja are friendly and will be happy to answer your question on how to get to the lecture venue. Remember to come along with 4 note books and a pen. You will find food vendors in the neighbourhood if you would want to buy food/refreshments when the class is on break.

11. Cocktail Party Committee
The training usually ends with a cocktail party. This provides participants optimum opportunity for networking. It also gives the organizing committee (volunteers from the class) the platform to apply their upgraded Public Relations skills to a real life case. The committee will be constituted on the first day of the programme (November 19).

12. Pre-Class Assignment
Read the book titled "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson and in not more than five sentences answer the following questions:
A. Who is your favourite character in the book?- State reason.
B. What do you intend to do differently as a result of the lessons you picked up from the book? 

13. Training, Socials and Induction in Pictures