March 21 - 22, 2018

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1. The Summit
Most organizations operating in Nigeria spend much more time and money than necessary navigating federal, state, and local government agencies as well as customer and other stakeholder entities in the country to process essential transactions. The resultant inefficiencies and reputation risks which carry huge financial implications are avoidable. This two-day summit is a strategic intervention by the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and a coalition of organizations committed to the accelerated development of Nigeria to help all officers and managers of organizations and establishments operating in Nigeria learn efficient ways of working with public agencies, customers, the corporate community, and other stakeholders both within and outside the country so they can maintain good financial health and robust reputation for their employers while promoting public good .

2. Summit Content

I.   Communication Psychology & Neuroscience for Demand Stimulation      

II.  Getting what you want from Federal, State and Local Government Agencies in Nigeria as well as embassies and governments of other countries      

III. Scientific Trends Monitoring, Analysis, Machine Learning and Use of Artificial Intelligence to stimulate demand and minimize cost of customer acquisition and retention      

IV. Stakeholder and Corporate Governance Policy, Planning and Strategy       

V. Advanced Event, Project and Protocol Management    

VI. Stakeholder Management Ethics and Media Law   

VII. Cutting-edge Communication & Media Principles, covering Impactful Presentation, as well as Innovative ways to prepare various media tools that achieve the desired results. The Hidden opportunities in New Media for Stakeholder Engagement which will be addressed by Matt Jackson, one of the leading New Media trainers in England will get special attention.

VIII. Marketing based on counter-intuitive evidence from recent rigorous research on consumer behaviour in Nigeria

IX. Managing Issues and Crisis in a low trust environment    

X. Branding Corporate Entities, Cities, States and Countries       

XI. Self-Management and Preparation for Global Competitiveness     

XII. Global Citizenship, Professional Etiquette and Business Grooming   

XIII. Panel Discussion involving key industry players, embassy officials, media practitioners, and Heads of Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies with focus on how participants can get excellent results from stakeholders.

XIV. Networking Dinner for participants, embassy representatives, top officials of Public Agencies in Nigeria, and Media Editors. A Network of Management Practitioners in Governance known as Managers in Nigeria’s Governance (MING) has been launched. All conference participants will be automatically enrolled (during the dinner) and exempted from paying enrollment fee which is fifty thousand naira (N50, 000). The Network is now the think tank for innovative approaches to the promotion of organizations in Nigeria

XV. Exhibition of cutting-edge technology for Effective Stakeholder Engagement and Good Corporate Governance.

3.  Resource Persons:

A UK-based Development Practitioner, Dr Peter Ogudoro with a PhD in Education and Development Communication, and LaPRIGA Trainer of the Year, 2017 is serving as the Director of the Conference. His full profile is available here. He will be assisted by an International Faculty including
Matt Jackson, one of the Leading New Media Trainers in the United Kingdom, Bukky Enuha, an International Business Facilitator based in South Africa, John Unachukwu, Solicitor, Media Consultant, and National Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association, Mack Ogbamosa, Corporate Governance Practitioner and Attorney with International Organization for Promotion of Honesty, and Heads of Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies in Nigeria. Public Agencies, embassies, and Management Technology Vendors will exhibit at the conference and their key officials will be on hand to help conference participants learn how to save money and time when working with them .

4.  Feeding

Refreshments will be served during Tea Break in the morning and lunch served in the afternoon. Vegetarian options will be available . The programme will end with a networking dinner.

5.  Venue
Glonik Hotels, 118/120 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. The training facility has the infrastructure for presentations, syndicate discussions, project work, and cocktail for networking purposes.

6. Method of Delivery

This will be a blended learning opportunity for the participants offering them relevant learning materials online and the chance to benefit from a two (2) day intensive learning experience in a physical classroom. Role plays, lectures, assignments, discussions, presentations, case studies and guest interviews will be used to guarantee effective learning. The training will end with a social event, a project to be managed by participants to enable them test their professional Stakeholder Management skills and practice their networking skills with colleagues in other businesses and Business Editors and Correspondents who will be in attendance.

7.  Who Should Attend?

All Officers, Managers, and Directors (including Branch, Depot, and Liaison Managers/officers) of organizations and establishments operating in Nigeria who interact with Government Agencies, Customers, the Corporate Community, Embassies, Host Community Members, Employees, Suppliers, Investors, Media, Security Agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

8.  Participation Fee

The standard fee per participant is One hundred and twenty thousand naira (N120, 000). There is thirty thousand naira (N30, 000) discount for payments received not later than Friday, February 23, 2018. Such nominees are to pay ninety thousand naira (N90, 000) only. Organizations sponsoring a minimum of twenty (20) participants get ten per cent (10%) discount on fees payable .

9.  Payment

All payments should be made in favour of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos State Chapter. Bank Certified Cheques and Drafts in favour of the Chapter are acceptable modes of payment. Please call 08023249654 or 08183208253 if you have any question.

10.  Registration

To ensure that your name is written correctly on your badge (for networking purposes), please register for the conference here (it takes less than a minute). Please call 08023249654 or 08183208253 if you need any assistance.

11.  Contact/Inquiries

Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos State Chapter, 19 Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Telephone: If you would like to speak with the Summit Director, Dr Peter Ogudoro or have any relevant question answered, please call 08023249654 or 08183208253



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